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pupsy says

"been here for 20 years they hate paying out the ganes crash and no refunds now they have changed all the paying games to 3 way games "

Royal says

"Have been waiting for my money for 7 months, no updates from the team or their owners A exit-fraud that should be avoided any any cost"

Glen Doty says

"Member since 2013. I can say that when issues occurred in the past, refunds rarely needed to be asked for as they came automatically. Since Flash died, all is rubbish. Games end improperly and never mind not getting an auto refund, they don't do anything but auto reply your request for a refund. You certainly don't get your money back. Is there an authority in UK with jurisdiction?"

Eddy S says

"Ive bin a member since 2005 now I quit. A lot of games dont work as they should and no comment from royal games. They just take the money and run."

Petra Hutchens says

"I play here for over 20 Years, but since i became a VIP Player, the Issue started. My Son had his own account, they told me it was mine, so my Son deleted his Account so i could keep playing but nothing changed. They keep saying i am a professional Player, which is not true. I can't play my favorite games anymore, my free games messing up and there is no refund. Basically it's ridiculous, which i made my mind up, not to spend a Dime here anymore and all i can say is, safe your money, or find a better place to play."

Danielle Williams says

"Absolutely SHOCKING... been waiting for a withdrawal for a couple of month now and every time I try to get hold of someone they send me through to some stupid ticket thing and when the reply comes its the same old crap. Who do I contact for my withdrawal? There is no telephone number or anything."

Jim Borruso says

"a bunch of losers playing at programing. games crash on a regular. theft of my money by closing down games that I am still high scorer."

jackie Smith says

"Is it the gaming commission for complaining about this shambles of a company, they are with holding myy moneyy after forcing me to change my name and password ~ tthey are breaking the law and all you get from them is the same stupid e mail."

Evelynda says

"Beyond bad, I’d like to give them no stars. I played for years, and once tried to get a refund - they absolutely did not refund any money and sent me around in circles trying to find a way to either get the refund or reach customer service. So I played until the $60 in there got down to about $10,and now they just shut me out - they claim my password isn’t working but 10 tries to reset it have failed. Tries, meaning I have gone on, followed their instructions, contacted customer service, gotten a “ticket” for my complaint, and tried again several different ways. Just gawd awful."

Tracey Lloyd says

"I would make anyone aware that this site is an absolute scam!!!! They have stolen $300 claiming that I have multiple accounts. Cant even log into my account as it says password not known. I thought the idea of a gaming site was to play games and try to win something in return......perhaps someone should remind them of that!! Is there anywhere that we can report these thieves to??"

Petra Hutchens says

"I have a Account for over 15 years, my Son opened an account like 2 years ago but barely plays. The other day he used me Laptop and ask if he could use my Paypal to put some $ on his account and i said yes. Now they blocked us both, because they keep saying we both are professional Gamer! what is wrong with them? I am a daily Gamer, my Son is not. Instead to look at our accounts they just shut both down. Now we not able to play our free games and nothing. They keep saying if you a VIP Gamer, they answer your questions first..... BS. Not a dime i will spend anymore! Scam"

Laura Bowman says

"Play for free ONLY!!! Do not waste your money. Midasplayer manipulates the games, especially if you are winning. They will crash your game in the middle of play if you are scoring too high. I have been with them for over 12 years and did not start having problems until the last 2 years. I still gave them the benefit of the doubt, but this last year, has been totally CRAZY with fraudulent activity by Midasplayer."

Vlad Tepes says

"I've been with Midasplayer for about 13 years and have been very successful on the word games there. I've only ever put in £40 and have won several thousand pounds over the years. Twice now, they've upped my rankings for no other reason than I don't deposit any money. I just drew out another £103 today and suddenly my ranking on AlphaBetty went up from just over 10000 to 21960. This means that I can't play the daily tournament anymore (the only tournament worth playing to win any cash).

They also did this to me in Keyword a few years back and my ranking is so high on there that I can't play anyone, not even on the free games. At first they blocked my account for suspected "tactical losses" and then, when I called their bluff by saying they had no evidence because I didn't tactically lose at all, just ramped my ranking up through the roof.

Complete and utter scammers!"

Peter Grzona Andersen says

"I cant get my mony back. WHAT a thifes :-("

A Christensen says

"Still has not been fixed! I have sent 10 support tickets and several emails but No I still cannot play!! I am and always have been red3gt not red2242. You have my picture and ID. What more do you want???"

rosalyn slot carthew says

"I have been a player here for years and must have spent thousands of euros. I asked for a small withdrawal and sent them a photo of me with my ID but am still blocked.

I have sent 7 support tickets over the last week and none have been answered.

The support is atrocious and they really don't like if you ask for anything, especially money.

If there was any other site offering the games etc. I would be off like a shot.


A Christensen says

"I have played for over 10 years and now it says my password is wrong! I asked for a reset sent to my email and they sent an email to the wrong login name. They sent one for red2242. I am red3gt. I have tried 15 times getting through to someone at King for 5 days but all I get back are computer generated replies directing me to sites with standard questions and answers which doesn't help at all. I can't get to the real support since I can't log in!! I have tried logging in 4 out of 5 times so I really need some help!"

carol says

"I have been a loyal member for many years, paying over thousands of dollars to this scam. this week, I tried to log in and it said I had the wrong password and my account is blocked. I've had the same password for over 15 years. my husband has tried to contact them on my behalf, because I can not even get into my account to write them. they refuse to answer his questions. in fact, when he sends them an inquiry, the "send" button is dead. I want my winnings and to find out why they all of a sudden blocked me and I have no way to contact them. this is a bad break down all the time and they still charge you for them. the last time I contacted them was due to this, and I asked for a refund. I didn't get it, then I got blocked. how can I reach someone there?"

AngryEddie says

"Played some years on this side, mostly free games. Maybe thatswhy I didn't have problems so far... Earlier this week I won a bonus spinner game - but guess what?! As soon as you are winning a bigger game you are deleted from the list. Customer service is pointless. They tried to tell me I never played this game. Than they told me it was a free game, which isn't on their browser anymore. Nonsense! I told them to pay me out the rest of my money, which is on my account, and close my account. Of course the payout-function is not working. Hope I can make it work from another browser. Than I have to wait 14 days - what a mess. But if you want to pay in it can be arranged faster than a ferrari accelerating to 100 km/h..."

Jane Brooks says

"I see that others have had the same experience as I. After 12 years, they stopped recognising my login details. when i tried to reset my password, the message would not send. I opened a new account with a different email address as the only way of contacting them to explain. They first of al lsaid it was down to my IP address and to contact my ISP . I did and they say IP address changes often anyway and mune was functioning fine.

They then told be that I had a VPN which was stopping them from answering the email address that my original account is registered to. I double checked ang VPN is off in settings on my computer. I told them and they closed the ticket saying the issue was resolved! I had just topped up my account so they have stolen my money."

Ana Idara says

"I confirm the games are manipulated on . A lot of people there discuss about that on Community Blog . They also block accounts when it's convenient for them , they delete accounts and they also tolerate bullying . That site is a NO.There's a guy there, Glen who acts like a king . He'll tell you a lot of BS if you complain about something ."

Patricia Summersgill says

"I have been with King games for at least 15 years. Have many played free games lately but have also played for money. My account is blocked; tried to reset my password but it blocks me out every time. I have a balance of $107.25, please refund the balance."